Mark Pfeifer's Christmas Story

Mark loved every minute of his 20 year journey. Even when soup rained on his parade? That's another story.

What happens when the unexpected happens?

As when a formerly homeless person in Dallas, Texas asks God in 1994 to heal him from a long-term ailment. He told God that he would do some kind of special charity work in Thanksgiving. God healed him and several  years later in December of 1997 he found the way to repay his debt of gratitude.

He would secure discounted hotel rooms at upscale hotels on Christmas Eve, and give them pro bono 

to the homeless of Dallas. His first group of 13 happened at the Hyatt in downtown Dallas on Christmas Eve of 1997. And over the years Mark's trailblazing concept has grown in Dallas to great success. His homeless contribution has been great!

Over 700 homeless souls got a great hotel room on Christmas Eve because of him. Hallelujah!

Mark took a hiatus from the hotel lodging in 2007 

after blessing hundreds of homeless souls with a Christmas Eve that they will never forget.

Mark now does a scaled-down event that is still

enjoyed by hundreds of homeless on Christmas Eve. It hasn't been easy but Mark kept his promise to God.

       A​ngelic ChristmasCrusade

               Saving the Christmas Spirit!